Chicken Pilaf In A Cauldron – Recipe

Chicken pilaf in a cauldron. Not everyone eats meat like lamb and pork. However, this product is one of the main ingredients of pilaf. There is a more budget option for manufacturing. It is quite tasty and very appetizing dish can be easily prepared using ordinary chicken meat. All other products required for the dish […]

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Meet the Molecular Cuisine

Nowadays, more and more people are thinking about the correctness of their food, and they want to try something new, unique, and at the same time useful. The solution can be found among the masterpieces of molecular cuisine. Every year the molecular cuisine surprises and falls in love with itself. Its goal is not to […]

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Creamy Salmon Soup

Fish soups are especially popular in Finland: the locals love to feast on kalakateto soup, which includes potatoes, onions, milk, and directly fish. This dish has an improved variation – lohikaytto. This soup is often prepared for the holidays. Unlike kalakeytto, lohikaytto is made exclusively from salmon, and instead of milk fat, the cream is […]

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