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Busbus – A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

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Eastern sweets are a real holiday: they just melt in your mouth, unrealistically tasty, and it is not very difficult to cook them. The only thing that confuses lovers of such pastries is that it is very sweet, just a high-calorie “bomb”! But to eat oriental pastries still pulls, so sometimes you have to say no to your diet. Busbus – one of the most popular and easiest to prepare sweet Arabic products. It is very similar to the usual manic, but much sweeter and more tender.

Busbus - A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

Basse is baked as a simple pie: dough is made, placed in the oven. The syrup is added to the sweetness and softness of baking, which, according to any recipe of cooking, the basses should be soaked with a warm sponge cake.

Classical Arab Basse with Almonds

It is possible and not to use almonds, but in this oriental baking, almond nuts from above are an indispensable decoration, and they give an additional pleasant aroma to the product. Other essential ingredients for classic basses are coconut shavings and semolina.

Necessary products for the Arabian bas-busts (a standard wine glass is used, where 200 g of water is placed):

  • semolina – a glass without a top;
  • flour – a glass without a top;
  • coconut shavings – half a cup;
  • kefir – full glass;
  • refined vegetable oil (odorless) – a full glass;
  • medium-sized egg – 1 piece (you need two small ones);
  • vanilla sugar – 1 standard small batch for baking;
  • baking powder – 1 tsp;
  • almond kernels.

Busbus - A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

Eastern cake on the decoy, that is, the basbus, after baking the cake, we will soak it with syrup, because it must be cooked in advance. The syrup should be warm, not hot, or the decoy cake will “brew” and spoil. We make syrup in advance: mix half a glass of water with a glass of sugar, bring to a boil, squeeze a third of a lemon into it, if there is no fresh lemon, take a tablespoon of lemon juice without sugar instead. Leave the syrup to cool, start to bake the basbus.

  • In one container we mix loose components: flour, coconut chips, sugar, semolina, baking powder. Mix thoroughly until everything is completely mixed.
  • In another bowl, beat eggs into foam, pour kefir into it, mix again with a mixer. In the East, instead of kefir, they often take matsoni, but it is denser, and it is diluted one to one, that is, half the cup of matsoni is diluted with the same amount of water.
  • In the dry ingredients pour in beaten eggs with kefir, mix everything. We do it with a mixer but at minimum speed.
  • You can not keep the dough for basses – as soon as they are kneaded, you must immediately put it in the oven. The dough comes out semi-liquid, it is poured into a pan with high sides. If the pan is Teflon, it is not necessary to smear it, simple – we coat it with butter or use carpeted paper.
  • The dough, though semi-liquid, can be unevenly positioned on a baking sheet, then it is necessary to tilt the baking sheet in different directions so that it spreads to the edges.
  • Top uniformly (taking into account that we will cut into squares) decompose the almonds. The oven is heated to 200 degrees – put the dough in it. We take the cake out of the oven when the edges darken slightly: it is cooked faster from the edge of the bass, you have to watch carefully and pull it out of the oven in time, otherwise, the edges will burn and be tough. In the photo, pastries were made in a round baking sheet, but the shape of the baking sheet is not important, the square is even more convenient – it will be easier to cut.

Busbus - A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

  • The sponge cake must stand for a few minutes outside the oven – it will settle slightly and let off excess steam. But it is also impossible to cool down much – after 5 minutes, as they took out, we begin to cut it into squares or diamonds. After that, we take the already warm syrup, scoop it with a teaspoon, pour the syrup evenly over the surface, generously pour into the cuts. The syrup should be used completely: it is better if the basbus “flows” to them than it turns out dry.

The pie of the basbus should cool down completely: if you get it out of the pan hot, it will break, besides, it cools well during the cooling down with syrup.

The classic recipe with almonds and coconut chips is considered universal, but there are still many variations on the theme of basses with other additions, and they are no less tasty.

Other bass options

The semolina is the main ingredient of bus buses, it should always be. Syrup, which is soaked biscuit after baking – the second prerequisite in all cooking recipes. Replaced almonds and coconut shavings.

Turkish Busb “Revani”

Cooking in the same way, just do not lay almonds on top. Instead, when the syrup has already been poured over the cake and it has cooled, we pour coconut shavings on each portion of the cups with hills.

Busbus - A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

Pistachio bassbus

We do not use coconut chips; do not lay the almond kernels on top. Instead of chips in the dough, add a quarter cup of flour and a tablespoon of very finely ground pistachios. Just as in the preparation of Turkish bus buses, after soaking with syrup and cooling for each portion we pour a pile of ground pistachios.

Busbus - A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

Assorted Basbus

Top chaotically (or pattern) we lay out different nuts: almonds, walnuts, wood, peanuts.

Syrup can also have a slightly different composition. Who does not like sugary-sweet, he cooks it with sugar half as much. Delicious and fragrant syrup will come out if you add a teaspoon of pink culinary water (or the same amount of rose jam without petals).

Busbus - A Recipe For Eastern Sweets

Busbus – baking unusually tender, it just crumbles in the mouth, it is wonderfully suited for tea and coffee. “The East is a delicate matter,” say those who do not know the traditions and cuisine of this part of the world. And those who know how to cook according to oriental recipes say: “The East is a wonderful land with great cooking”!

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