How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?

How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?

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To favorite knives served in the kitchen as long as possible, you need to care for their cutting surfaces. There are several rules: washing the tool immediately after use, storing it in special stands and, of course, keeping an eye on the sharpness of the blade is dangerous to use with a blunt instrument. So check your knife right now – if it’s difficult for them to cut a paper strip from a standard printer sheet, it’s time to sharpen it. I must say, this process is not as simple as it seems at first glance – it takes time and skill. It is quite another thing when there is an electric little knife at home. If you are not opposed to joining the achievements of the technical process, let’s discuss which model you should choose in your particular case, what nuances to pay attention to and which manufacturer is positively described in the reviews.

How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?

Electric sharpening in the kitchen: advantages and disadvantages

In comparison with conventional grinding stones, electric little tools with a large margin benefit in speed, efficiency, and ease of use. Physical efforts that need to be applied to work with mechanical devices cannot be compared with the pleasure of interacting with electrical equipment. There are still vacuum devices, but, surprisingly, they are more expensive than electric and also require time-consuming.

In general, electric knives have a long list of advantages:

  • ease and safety of the process;
  • simplicity in leaving, lack of metal dust and shaving;
  • a wide range that allows you to choose a device with the required characteristics;
  • low power consumption, long service life.

How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?

Immediately make a reservation that all these advantages relate only to high-quality grinding equipment from manufacturers who value their reputation. Buying no-name products in the house, even if well advertised, is fraught with disappointments:

  • power of the device may not correspond to the declared characteristics, because of which the grinding stones will not process the surface;
  • because of the cheapness of materials and poor-quality assembly, there is a risk that the knife will ruin an expensive knife, lose functionality, or become completely unusable;
  • the lack of removable elements in the design, spare parts, and branded service centers leads to the fact that the device in the event of a breakdown becomes unrepairable.

There are a lot of reviews in the network confirming that not every electric sharpener really becomes an assistant in the kitchen. And for the sake of the safety of their nerves and blood, it is worth the time to choose a really good offer.

How to choose a device with optimal performance

The design of the electrically operated knife is several grinding discs with varying degrees of abrasiveness. Rotating, they gradually removed from the edge of the thinnest layer of metal, thereby restoring the original shape and angle of grinding. The device can have 2‒3 compartments with two slots, designed for the right and left sides separately. The compartments also serve different purposes: the first for primary grinding, the second (not present in all models) for processing serrated knives, and the third for polishing. Thus, when choosing, one should pay attention to several key parameters.

How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?


As evidenced by the reviews, budgetary little tools with an electric motor of up to 30 W are practically useless in the kitchen. As soon as the blade gets into their working groove, the disk immediately stops and does not want to grind the surface. To prevent this, try to choose a device with a score of 40‒50 W.

Working discs

Look, knives from which material you plan to sharpen at home most often, and take the little knife, the disks of which are optimal for the task:

  • normal alumina 13A, 14A, 15A – the softest and cheapest of all the options presented, suitable for points, and for editing, but only products of economy class;
  • 43A, 44A, 45A mono-corundum – possesses higher indices, and therefore is suitable for processing high-quality knives from alloyed, high-speed, corrosion-resistant steels;
  • Silicon carbide 53С, 54С, 55С is very wear-resistant and copes with almost any steel, it is optimal for restoring heavily worn edges and primary sharpening completely dull blades
  • Diamond – it is notable for its record-breaking hardness and is used in quite expensive universal utility tools.

It should be noted that not every manufacturer indicates the material from which the grinding wheels are made. Well, it is necessary to consider the openness of technical information as another selection criterion.

How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?

Rotational speed

At this stage, the principle “the more the better” cannot be applied Excessive rotational speed of the disc drive causes rapid damage and surface wear. If the stone rotates slowly, even the most patient person in the house will not survive the time it takes to sharpen a single knife. Focus on 2 thousand rpm.


Are there serrated knives in the kitchen? Do you want to sharpen scissors, kitchen hatchet and small tools like chisels and screwdrivers? Here you will need a professional level knife with magnetic holders, a choice of sharpening angle, increased power of the electric motor. It costs a lot, but if you save money and choose a more affordable model, you will have to forget about additional features.


Evaluate how stable the unit you liked. For the maximum immobility in the process of sharpening, the shape of the body and the supporting legs correspond. It is desirable that they were with vacuum suckers. Look at the length of the cord and correlate it with the distance from the installation location of the little knife to the electrical outlet. Now ask if the changeable sharpening head is very convenient when it can be pulled out and cleaned and, if necessary, changed.

How To Choose An Electric Knife For The Kitchen?

TOP 5 best elektroochilok user reviews

Having studied a lot of reviews, we selected the top five best little knives, which also fully meet our criteria. You can choose any of them; all are distinguished by their efficiency and reliability in operation:

  • Hatamoto EDS-H198 (Japan) – the classic design with a power of 60W with electric drive and two-stage processing, an angle of 15 ° is especially recommended for the treatment of Santoku chef-knives;
  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener (USA) – the most versatile device that can sharpen any cutting tool, so that it is preferred by the owners of private houses with lots;
  • Chef’s Choice CC-310 (USA) – one of the few units for sharpening expensive professional knives with magnetic guides for automatic installation of the tool at the right angle;
  • Samura SEC-2000 / K (Japan) – in a review noted a very attractive design, compactness and quiet operation of the device, so it is an ideal option for the kitchen;
  • Zigmund & Shtain Sharpprofi ZKS-911 (Germany) is an electric socket with 3 levels of sharpening and a blade thickness regulator capable of resuscitating even the most “dead” knife.

As you can see, the range is quite wide, and you will certainly be able to choose a device that faithfully will serve you at home for many years.

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