How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

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In Georgia, the word lobio means all legumes: from green pods to various varieties of dried beans. As a dish, lobio in Georgian is a bean soup with the addition of special spices. The history of this recipe is fanned by legends dating back to the legendary Queen Tamara. Despite its reputation as a masterpiece of Georgian cuisine, this is a rather unassuming dish. Cook it at home is not difficult even for novice cooks.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

Experts believe that the most delicious lobio is obtained from Gurian beans. This variety is distinguished by small burgundy grains with white specks. Perfect and Botumella variety, which has grains with brown specks. The success of beans in cooking contributes to its neutral taste, which allows you to experiment without risk with different combinations of products and spices.

Classic Georgian recipe

How to cook lobio, should be studied, starting with its traditional version. Having mastered the classics of the genre, you can move on to different variations of this dish or to your own experiments based on it. The following ingredients will be needed for lobio in Georgian:

  • 400 grams of red beans;
  • 25 ml rast. oils;
  • 2 medium bulbs;
  • 1 tbsp. l wine vinegar;
  • cilantro bunch;
  • 1 tsp. coriander;
  • 3-4 garlic teeth;
  • A pinch of red pepper;
  • 2 tsp. hops suneli;
  • 3 bay leaves;
  • Salt;

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

Selection of spices can be creative. Those who love spicy flavors can reduce the amount of particularly hot spices or replace them with softer formulations. In addition to the herbs listed in the recipe, fenugreek, thyme, basil, turmeric, paprikas are excellently combined with red beans. Asafetida can be used instead of garlic.

The specified number of products calculated three adult portions of lobio. Like many Georgian dishes, on the second day this food becomes even tastier, so the eager hostesses try to cook it in large quantities.

Step by Step Cooking

  • Beans should be soaked for better cooking. Leave it in a saucepan with cold water for 4 hours, and preferably overnight. After soaking, the beans are picked, removing the emerged and damaged grains: with dark spots, chips, etc. Add a new portion of cold water in the ratio 2: 1 and set to cook on a fire. If red beans are a new crop, it is not necessary to soak them.
  • After 5 minutes after boiling water can be changed again and add bay leaf. This manipulation makes the dish more “dietary”, facilitating its digestion.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

  • Lobio is cooked on a slow fire for 2 to 3 hours, depending on age, type and size of bean grains. Cover the pot is not required. Periodically, the dish must be stirred, as it can burn. If water evaporates ahead of time, boiling water should be added.
  • To cook lobio correctly, you need to achieve the desired viscous consistency. When most of the beans break the peel, they are thrown back in a colander. Do not pour out the bean broth, it will be needed later.
  • Approximately half of the red beans are mashed, adding the remaining decoction. Then two parts of the dish are combined.
  • Chopped finely onions fried in a pan with hot oil.
  • Garlic and spices are ground in a mortar with salt.
  • Onion zazharku, crushed seasoning and half chopped cilantro combined with boiled red beans, pour vinegar and put on the fire for another 5-10 minutes. If necessary, add salt and in the end sprinkle the remaining herbs.

The traditional lobio recipe in Georgian refers to lean dishes. In Georgia, they like to serve it with fried corn tortillas (mchadi), fresh suluguni, pickled cheeses. A suitable accompaniment will also be a soft feta or ricotta. Perfectly supplemented lobio Caucasian pickled and salted vegetables, hominy “gomi”. In cold form, the dish is often served as a snack for light Georgian wines.

Cooking options

If some people prefer to cook lobio as a side dish for kebabs or kebabs, others like the flavor combination of meat and red beans in one dish. Such food turns out to be more satisfying and enjoys unchanged popularity among men.

Beans with meat

For cooking will require:

  • 500 g of red beans;
  • 50 g cilantro;
  • 600 g of beef;
  • 600 grams of tomatoes;
  • 3 onions;
  • oregano;
  • Garlic salt, pepper, greens.

In addition to oregano, the taste of meat with beans perfectly emphasized coriander, adjika based on tomatoes, etc. As a meat component, you can use pork, chicken, there are options lobio with meatballs, bacon.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

Initially, meat lobio is cooked as usual: soaked, boiled beans, as described in the first five points of the traditional recipe.

Meat is cut in small cubes, sprinkled with salt and pepper, fried in a griddle until golden brown. Then add a little water and stew for about half an hour. After that, the meat is combined with chopped onions and cooked together for 10 minutes.

Scald tomatoes with boiling water; remove the skin, cut into an average cube. Garlic and greens are chopped, sent to the pan and stewed until tender. The boiled down beans are kneaded with the bottom of a wooden spoon and mixed with the contents of a frying pan. The dish is seasoned with your favorite spices, salted with salt if necessary and heated on the fire for a few more minutes.

Before serving the dish is desirable to let it brew. If lean types of lobio can be served cold, the meat version should be put on the table hot, as they say, with the heat of the heat.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

How to cook lobio in a slow cooker

Multicooker is great for bean dishes, as it allows to reduce the long duration of cooking.


  • One and a half cup red beans;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 garlic teeth;
  • 1 tsp. adzhiki or tomato paste;
  • 1 tsp. hops suneli;
  • 1 tbsp. l rast. oils;
  • 5 tbsp. l drains oils;
  • 1 tsp. fruit vinegar;
  • Salt pepper.

Bean grains can be soaked right in the multicooker bowl. Then pour a portion of fresh cold water so that it is 3 cm above the level of the beans. If your model has a “beans” mode, turn it on for 1 hour. If a special option is not available, lobio can be prepared in the “quenching” mode, which should be turned on for 1.5-2 hours. After an hour, open the lid and check lobio for readiness. By this time, the beans should be soft, but not boiled.

Crush onions and garlic, fry them, and send them to the bowl along with adzhika. Mix and simmer for another half hour. Before the end of cooking, add vinegar, butter. When the program turns off, sprinkle with spices and fresh herbs. Stir and let stand 5-10 minutes.

Pot Dish

This restaurant option lobio in Georgian can be cooked in the oven with success. The languor in the ceramic pots will give the dish a special softness and delicate taste.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

The following ingredients are well suited for this type of dish:

  • 500 g of red beans;
  • 300 g stale lavash;
  • 2 onions;
  • a mixture of peppers;
  • 3 tbsp. l salted oils;
  • 2 tbsp. l adzhiki;
  • 5 garlic teeth;
  • 5 tsp. coriander;
  • 50 g of savory;
  • 50 g cilantro;
  • Salt;

The pots are greased from the inside with oil and spread on the bottom with onion half rings. Following crumble pita bread smashed into pieces. Then, almost to the top, the pots are filled with boiled beans. Top adzhika layer and spices. In the end, everyone falls asleep with chopped greens and garlic. Close the pots with lids and send to the oven preheated to 150 ° C for 15 minutes.

Hostess note

Do not use the lobio mix from different types of red beans for cooking. Tasty to cook a mixture of legumes – not an easy task due to the different cooking time. One type of beans can be digested or get undercooked. Such an experiment can negatively affect not only the taste of food, but also digestion.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

Express recipe from canned beans

Compared with the classical schemes, requiring to spend cooking for lobio not one hour, this method reduces the cooking process to 30 minutes. Use it if there is not enough time for a full soak and cooking of dry beans.


  • 2 cans of canned beans;
  • 2 tbsp. l tomato paste;
  • 2 onions;
  • 5 tsp. hops suneli;
  • 5 tsp. coriander;
  • 6 tbsp. l rast. oils;
  • 1 tbsp. l wine vinegar;
  • 4 garlic cloves;
  • salt pepper;
  • Greenery;


Crush the onion and fry it until golden. Add tomato paste to broil and simmer for another 5 minutes. on low heat. Garlic teeth, skip through the garlic press or chop by hand.

Beans throw away in a colander. After the juice is drained, transfer it to the skillet with the onion zazharkoy. There also send garlic, vinegar, chopped herbs, spices. Roast, stirring, about 5 minutes.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

Gurian style lobio with walnuts

The Georgian region of Guria, although small in size, boasts its own culinary traditions. For example, local chefs like to add nuts to a wide variety of dishes, including lobio. Also, the Gurian cuisine is more spicy and spicy. We offer to cook fragrant lobio in Gurian style.


  • 350 grams of red beans;
  • 2 onions;
  • 4 cloves of garlic,
  • 150 g of chopped walnuts;
  • 1 pepper pod;
  • 1 tsp. hops suneli;
  • red pepper, salt, cilantro, celery to taste.

In the boiled beans, add chopped onions. Nuts, garlic, pepper, greens chop in a blender or by hand. Season with lobio and mix. Simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. In the end, add the remaining seasonings, salt. Leave to infuse for half an hour, serve hot.

If desired, walnuts can be added to all previous recipes. They are put on the final stage of cooking, pre-grinding. The taste of nuts is in perfect harmony with beans and greens. However, it should be remembered that such an additive significantly increases the calorie content of the dish. Mushrooms, vegetables, chopped boiled eggs, and pomegranate seeds can become successful companions of beans.

How To Cook Lobio In Georgian From Beans At Home?

This famous Georgian dish is worth trying to cook at least once in a lifetime. Its secret is that something simple is made from simple ingredients. Due to the high content of vegetable protein, such a dish can act as a full meal or dinner.

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