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How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

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We used to store most of the products in the refrigerator, but what happens if the electricity suddenly turns off and it does not work for a long time? How to protect food in the campaign, in the country or a picnic? How much can meat, cheese, butter or cottage cheese do without a refrigerator? Read all about it in our article.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

Food Storage Options

Believe it or not, believe it or not, but much more food than you think can remain for some time without a refrigerator and still be safe to eat. These are small portions of cheese, butter, vegetables, and fruits, which can be stored in a cool dry place. But the impressive stocks of products, being at room temperature and without any cooling system, can eventually deteriorate.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

The optimal conditions for storing fruits and vegetables is considered to be a temperature from + 10º C to + 13º C and low humidity. But, for example, cabbage, celery, root vegetables can withstand lower temperatures, up to +2 º C, and greater humidity. Think about whether you have a place with such storage conditions? This may be a basement, garage, other unheated premises. By the way, apples, oranges, lemons, bananas, potatoes, carrots “live” without a cold for quite a long time, until they are washed and whole, not chopped. In addition, we must not forget about drying, drying, and canning, as effective ways to preserve meat and fruit and vegetable products.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

In winter time

If winter is cold outside, you can put sausage, milk, meat and other perishable foods on the balcony and not be afraid of spoilage. Most seasonings do not need refrigeration at all. Eggs can be stored without refrigeration for a whole month (if they have not been cooled or washed before).

In summer time

Summer is much more complicated. You can keep fresh meat, fish, cottage cheese without a refrigerator for several days, having a cool cellar at your side. If you do not have a cellar but have your own yard, you can dig a hole in the ground and store food there for some time. If you live near a stream or pond, then running water will also help delay food spoilage. The main thing is to pack and fix them well so that they do not float away. It is the same with a well: in a bucket, you can send a part of the most perishable products and put it in well water, which is always very cold.

What to do with leftovers or food stocks?

To answer this question, use our tips:

  • Try to cook as much as you need for yourself or your family. Try to save leftover food (eg, stews) by boiling them every 12-24 hours. So you can serve the same dish for several days in a row.
  • To keep the milk from souring outside the refrigerator, add a little soda to it when boiling. When it cools down, pour it into the jar, then dip the container in a bucket or basin with cold water, which needs to be changed every 2-3 hours. The bucket should also be in the shade.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

  • Butter and cheese are well preserved in parchment paper soaked in salted water. Oil will save another way – water, diluted with vinegar.
  • Cottage cheese is the hardest to store, but it can also stand without a refrigerator for several days if it is placed in a sterilized glass jar. Prefill the bottom of the jar with salt and tamp the cottage cheese, cover the top with gauze dipped in salt water and bend.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

  • Meat, fish will stay longer if initially they were frozen. Then you should simply wrap a piece of meat with several layers of paper or foil, and then cover with a warm thing. The melting process will slow down. Another option is when you need to keep a fresh piece of meat. Salt will come to the rescue, only the meat cannot be washed! It is necessary to dry it with napkins and sprinkle with salt from all sides. Then put in a glass jar and put in a cool place. And even in salt form, without a refrigerator, it will not last long – a maximum of two days, so try to cook it as soon as possible and eat.
  • If it is possible to cook the meat, boil it, and then fry over high heat until golden brown. As such, it can be hung in gauze, somewhere in a draft.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

  • Chicken carcass perfectly protects from damage nettle or towel dipped in vinegar.
  • Sausage is stored best in smoked form. Boiled will not suffer the absence of cold. A smoked product can last about 3-5 days without a refrigerator if you keep it in a ventilated, dry place.
  • Fish – capricious in storage product. It is best to clean it immediately, rub it with salt on the outside, inside and suspend it. For fish, the nettle method is also suitable, as well as wrapping in a cloth dipped in wine vinegar.

How To Store Food Without A Refrigerator?

We hope that even in the absence of a refrigerator, you will be able to choose alternative ways of cooling and extend the shelf life of food!

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