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Meet the Molecular Cuisine

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Nowadays, more and more people are thinking about the correctness of their food, and they want to try something new, unique, and at the same time useful. The solution can be found among the masterpieces of molecular cuisine. Every year the molecular cuisine surprises and falls in love with itself. Its goal is not to feed the visitor, but to surprise him with its unusual, strange combinations and consistency. Anyone who tries something like this for the first time will definitely be impressed because sometimes it is difficult to imagine the interweaving of sweet and salty, sour and bitter, and in this kind of cooking there are no obstacles, and the result is a bright and unforgettable dish.

The great advantage is the health benefits, as they use the usual ingredients, but are processed a little differently. Of course, it is important to note that the served portions are small and their price is quite high, but for fans of new products, it is definitely worth a try at least once.

Meet the Molecular Cuisine

Cooking techniques of molecular cuisine

The cooking techniques of this cuisine are very diverse. Let’s look at this question in more detail:

  • Emulsifying or otherwise foaming. In this way, you can cook anything from fruit to bread. The effect is achieved with soy lecithin.
  • Using a rotary evaporator. When boiling at low temperatures, oils can be separately collected and any product can be given a different smell.
  • The use of animal and human enzymes. With this method, you can change the structure of the fibers.
  • Liquid nitrogen. Allows you to quickly freeze food.
  • Vacuum. In this case, readiness is achieved when combined with a water bath.
  • Different thickeners. They help to get the form of jelly balls of any product.

It is also possible to prepare such food at home. You can easily find recipes for molecular eggs, balsamic caviar, chocolate mousse, and orange spaghetti. They are not too difficult to prepare, skillful housewives are clearly under the force.

Treat yourself to new sensations in familiar cooking.

Meet the Molecular Cuisine

Dietary cooking

Everyone should at least sometimes move on to sparing food. And if the molecular cuisine may seem distant and unexplored, then dietary dishes are prepared quite easily. The preparation of dietary meals does not require much skill even at home.

But there is a drawback – such food may seem fresh. To avoid this, you can add spices; they do not have high-calorie content and often even accelerate metabolism. For dietary can be attributed to all the familiar vegetable salads, some types of pate, soups, lazy cabbage rolls, different types of muesli and much more.

Try to avoid frying; this method of cooking is most harmful. Habitual dietary food is most often carried out at the expense of cooking, but there is an even better option – this is steaming. This method is considered to be the most useful, since the basic properties of food are preserved, and the lack of fat makes it easy, which is perfect for losing weight, pregnant women and children.

Meet the Molecular Cuisine

Steam cooking

If everyone is familiar with cooking, steaming only in recent years is gaining maximum popularity. And it’s not for nothing that replacing boiled vegetables with steamed ones you will get more microelements, the products will be more complete and tasty.

With the help of steam, you can cook – vegetables, meat, fish, cereals and even desserts. There are ways to cook soups, where readiness is achieved not from boiling water, but from exposure to steam. Thus, all the vitamins remain inside the product and do not go into the water.

Preparation of unusual and healthy dishes can be simple, and in any cafe, it is easy to find something useful in the menu. Healthy food does not mean tasteless, you just need to look for your favorite combination of products, try something new. Be attentive to yourself and eat correctly!

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