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Salmon Tartar With Avocado- Recipe

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Cooks call the word tartar a thick sauce made from the boiled yolk, vegetable oil and onion, and a dish traditionally used to make raw beef meat and an egg. The dish has French roots, but if you are not yet ready to eat classic tartar, you can cook it with salmon and avocado. We present to your attention a simple recipe!

Salmon Tartar With Avocado- Recipe

Cooking secrets

The components used to create this snack are not heat treated, which is why the dish gets mixed reviews. Some gourmets are delighted with him, while others do not understand how you can eat raw meat, and even with a raw egg! By opting for an alternative recipe, you replace the raw meat with salmon, and the egg with avocado, creating a rather savory and unusual snack.

To prepare a delicious tartare of salmon and avocado, no special skills are needed, because all the ingredients must be finely chopped or chopped using a manual meat grinder, and then put on a plate. You can also add the following ingredients to enhance the flavor of the snack:

  • Olives or capers;
  • Arugula, gherkins;
  • Herring (can be replaced with salmon);
  • Chicken or quail eggs (raw or boiled);
  • Black or red caviar;
  • A small amount of wasabi sauce.

When choosing ingredients, be guided by your taste preferences. Consider the same recipe!

Important!  During the preparation of the tartare, it is necessary to use a special round shape made from metal. If the form is not available, then you can create it yourself by taking a strip of hard cardboard and food foil.

Salmon Tartar With Avocado- Recipe

A step-by-step recipe for tartar

You can make a snack at home in 20-30 minutes using the following essential ingredients:

  • 300 g chilled salmon fillet;
  • 1 ripe large avocado and cucumber;
  • ½ part of a small red onion and the same amount of lemon;
  • 50 ml of olive oil;
  • Salt, black pepper.

Get chilled, not frozen fillet for tartar, otherwise, the appetizer will be slightly moist, which will have a negative impact on both its appearance and taste.

Salmon Tartar With Avocado- Recipe

Ingredients preparation – photo manual

The ingredients are already in stock, so it’s time to start preparing the tartare:

  • Prepare and cut the diced salmon fillet into small cubes;
  • Peel the avocado: make a circular incision along the bone, divide the avocado into two parts, remove the bone by picking it up with the tip of a knife or spoon;
  • Slice the avocado and onions, wash and slice the cucumber. Cucumber flesh leaves, because for the dish they use only the hard part with the peel.

Ingredients must be cut into very small pieces so that the appetizer has a uniform consistency – this is the basic rule that must be guided during preparation. Cut the fish, avocado, vegetables should be shifted to a deep bowl and mix, and then add a little salt, oil, and juice, squeezed from half a lemon. The latter is used to ensure that the components do not darken.

Salmon Tartar With Avocado- Recipe

Plate layout

Lay out the components on a plate using a metal ring or a form created from foil and cardboard. Spread the mixture with a spoon, lightly tamping the components. As a result, you should get a flat stable tower, which has a rounded shape. Decorate it with arugula, basil, capers, you can also make a small indentation, and then add a raw quail egg to the dish. Keep reading What will a sugar tax mean for the soft drinks industry?

Tip!  Tartar, made from salmon and avocado, can be laid out in layers, another original method of serving – lying on rye toast, quickly fried in a pan without adding vegetable oil.

Salmon Tartar With Avocado- Recipe

How to serve tartar?

Tartar spread on flat white plates, 1 plate – 1 portion. The dishes can be decorated with drops of colored sauce (use a pastry bag, if the sauce is a spoon), lemon or orange slices. Serve immediately after cooking, it should be slightly chilled, you can add it with wasabi sauce or Tabasco. If you leave the snack for several hours, the components will give juice, which will change the taste characteristics of the tartare. Bon Appetit!

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